Resources for Parents

collated by Dr Louise Santhanam, General Practitioner

There are a wealth of local resources, face-to-face breastfeeding support opportunities and social media support groups which local infant feeding colleagues or health visitors can advise on. Unfortunately we are unable to maintain an accurate and up to date record of all of these here and so this page focuses on UK and international resources directed at parents.

In addition to the UK Mother Support and Infant Feeding Support Organisations the following resources may useful to healthcare professionals providing support and advice on infant feeding to families:

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UK Online and Digital Resources Aimed at Parents

Start4Life The official NHS information service on healthy nutrition for pregnant women, new mothers and babies. Start4Life is informed by the latest research by the WHO and is aligned with NICE guidelines and Unicef’s Baby Friendly Initiative.

Start4Life Information Service for Parents Parents can sign up for weekly emails, texts and videos for support from pregnancy to infancy.

Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative: Support for Parents The UK branch of the accreditation programme of Unicef/World Health Organisation, designed to support breastfeeding and parent infant relationships by working with public services to improve standards of care. This section of the BFI website details what parents can expect from a Baby Friendly accredited setting and links to information on breastfeeding support and the management of breastfeeding problems.

NHS Website: Your Pregnancy and Baby Guide Has multiple topics under the drop down heading of ‘Your Newborn’ on breast and bottle feeding, and information on solid foods, eating, general and dental health under ‘Babies and Toddlers’

NHS Website: Breastfeeding Help and Support Details the different locations where breastfeeding support can be found and links to the Mother Support Organisations.

NHS Amazing Breastmilk Website Developed in Cheshire and Merseyside with advice about breastfeeding, breastfeeding problems and signposting to support.

Feedgood Website Website from NHS Scotland, Scottish Government and endorsed by the Unicef Baby Friendly Initiative with information to support parents with decisions on infant feeding and links to local support groups.

Breastfed Babies Northern Ireland HSC Public Health Agency website with information on breastfeeding and links to local support groups.

Breastfeeding: Llaeth Mam NHS/Public Health Wales webpage with information on breastfeeding and links to local support groups.

First Steps Nutrition Trust Impartial evidence-based information on infant nutrition, including information about breastfeeding and infant milks for healthcare providers and parents.

The Breastfeeding Companion Information standard assured website with free access to a large number of supportive videos and answers to questions on pregnancy and breastfeeding.

From Bump to Breastfeeding DVD NHS resource produced by the charity Best Beginnings. The DVD uses Mothers’ stories to show parents how to start breastfeeding and provides practical answers to common challenges.

Best Beginnings Baby Buddy An award winning App developed by the charity Best Beginnings which includes videos, information and updates about the user’s pregnancy and postnatal journey.

Information for Fathers, Partners and Other Supporters

NCT: Fathers and Breastfeeding Information Sheet Covers how a father can help with breastfeeding and common concerns fathers have about breastfeeding.

Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust Infant Feeding Team: Involving the Family Information on how the family can get involved with supporting a breastfeeding mother and bonding with the baby.

Feedgood Website: Supporter Guide for Grandparents Information directed at grandparents on how they can support breastfeeding from NHS Scotland and Healthier Scotland (Scottish Government).

La Leche League GB: Supporting a Breastfeeding Mother Information for fathers, partners (including same-sex partners), the wider family, visitors and mothers with no support.

Other Support Websites

KellyMom Website US Website run by an IBCLC providing evidence-based articles and links to resources on breastfeeding and parenting topics.

Breastfeeding Inc (Dr Jack Newman’s Website) Website of the International Breastfeeding Centre, a not-for-profit breastfeeding clinic, educational facility, and research centre in Toronto, Canada, which is directed by Dr Jack Newman and Lactation Consultant Edith Kernerman.

Breastfeeding Info from La Leche League International Answers to common breastfeeding and parenting questions.

Hospital Breastfeeding Campaign A campaign co-ordinated by Helen Calvert, mother of a child with a congenital heart defect, prompted by her experiences of breastfeeding in hospital. The website includes information for medical professionals highlighting the importance of supporting breastfeeding in children’s wards and departments.

Published April 2017, Updated October 16th 2019