Educational Blogs

Below are a selection of blog posts which may be of interest to the GP learning more about supporting infant feeding:

Infant Feeding Support in Primary Care

Primary Care Can Play an Important Part in Supporting Breastfeeding Dr Clare Macdonald, General Practitioner writing in the BMJ on the value of infant feeding support in primary care.


Top 10 Recommendations for Successful Breastfeeding Dr Anjali Gibbs- General Practitioner writing for myHealth bytes on

A Message for GPs: When a Breastfeeding Mother Walks Through Your Door… Emma Pickett IBCLC blogs about how a GP’s involvement is important to breastfeeding support.

Doctors and Breastfeeding: A Follow Up Post Susan Last- editor, NHS breastfeeding peer supporter and a director of charity Baby Milk Action talks about realistic and practical approaches to improving breastfeeding support offered in Primary Care.

Advice from One MD to Another on Supporting Breastfeeding Blog post from Dr Todd Wolynn- US Paediatrician and trained IBCLC.

Bottle Feeding

Responsive Bottle Feeding Emma Picket IBCLC writes for Attachment Parenting UK on how to achieve responsive, paced bottle feeding and the importance of doing so.

Healthy Weight and Obesity

Childhood obesity plan forgets about babies and toddlers Psychologist Professor Amy Brown writing for The Conversation on the importance of considering infant feeding in the management of obesity.

Published April 2017, Updated 9th May 2017