GPIFN Resources

This page includes resources developed by the GP Infant Feeding Network which can be downloaded and used, unaltered, in their original form by healthcare professionals to  support GP education and patient care.

GPIFN Guide to Essentials when Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers

GPIFN Guide to Essentials when Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers Click here to download the ‘GPIFN Essentials Guide’ in PDF format, which contains embedded hyperlinks to online resources. It is intended to be a simple guide to assist GPs in providing good quality of care to breastfeeding mothers. It can be printed as a double-sided handout. **Please note this guide will be updated soon (August 2019)**

This document is intended to provide general guidance and is not intended to be medical advice for individual cases.


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This guide was a collaborative, voluntary project produced by a group of GPs, infant feeding and maternity specialist members of GPIFN.

Credit to: Andy Hood for graphic design


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GPIFN Infant Feeding Survey 2010 Infographic

GPIFN Infant Feeding Survey 2010 Infographic Click here to download the ‘GPIFN Infant Feeding Survey 2010 Infographic’ in PDF format.  This infographic summarises some of the statistics from the 2010 UK Infant Feeding Survey (Authored by the Health and Social Care Information Centre, IFF Research).



  1. UK Infant Feeding Survey 2010: Summary

Published April 2017 (pending update)