The following are the aims of The GP Infant Feeding Network (UK), developed as a collaboration by members:

  • To prioritise the physical and mental health of mother and baby and safe infant feeding in associated consultations
  • To promote healthy infant feeding practices
  • To compassionately support families to make their own personal decision about feeding method for their child based on evaluation of robust evidence, unbiased by commercial interest
  • To support the rights of the mother-baby dyad to breastfeed
  • To support mothers who wish to breastfeed to achieve their personal breastfeeding goals
  • To increase GP and primary care staff awareness and medical knowledge of issues relating to infant feeding
  • To encourage multidisciplinary working between primary care professionals, professionals working in the field of infant feeding and community support groups
  • To share knowledge with the above mentioned colleagues, with the goal of improving health outcomes for all mothers and infants, public health, and each family’s perinatal experience
  • To promote the work of not-for-profit organisations which share our aims
  • To contribute to producing a society in which breastfeeding is normalised, protected and well supported by the healthcare system and its staff

Published April 2017, Updated October 6th 2019