Research, News & Statements

The following are links to significant recent research, news articles and infant feeding issues:

Research & Reports  

Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative: News and Research Page Includes a sign-up for email updates from the Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative on news and research relating to breastfeeding.

Unicef UK: Preventing Disease and Saving Resources – the potential contribution of increasing breastfeeding rates in the UK October 2012

The Lancet Breastfeeding Series January 2016

Acta Paediatrica Special Issue: Impact of Breastfeeding on Maternal and Child Health November 2015


The Guardian: We need a proper strategy in the UK to help support breastfeeding mothers  Letters, 10th February 2016

The Guardian: Babies breastfed within an hour of birth are less likely to die. Yet only 50% are France Bégin, 5th August 2016


Joint Statement Supporting the Unicef UK Call to Action 1st August 2016 – GPIFN is a signatory to this statement.

Open letter on the current crisis in breastfeeding in the UK– UK mothers are being let down 9th February 2016 – A Joint letter from Healthcare Professionals and Breastfeeding Supporters.

Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative Statements Include statements on support for formula feeding parents, vitamin D supplementation for breastfed babies and sleep safety.

Published April 2017, Updated June 10th 2018